Meet the team

We choose our team carefully. We like to be competent, motivated and happy so when you snap we can dance.

Process of Selection

Our success (measured in happiness of clients) is all due to our spectacular team. There could be no compromise in this area. We look for self-motivated individuals that get sick when they skip work and read code architecture books at home. Our selection process includes 5 stages:

  1. Application to a demanding job advertisement with specific instructions. This helps filtering people that don't follow orders.
  2. We make personal interviews with management. This will weed out candidates with problems that can only be found through human interactions - their English level for example.
  3. We make them read code. Ability to read and understand code is the first step to gaining insight into how much they know. The more details they can give us about what they see, the deeper their knowledge. Can't fool that.
  4. Writing code in plain text - no autocompletes, no nothing. We want to see how good they are in algorithms, in structuring code, attention to details.
  5. We play boardgames. We get drunk and see how well they play complicated strategy game such as Catan. This gives us incredible insight into:
    • How fast they learn a new game
    • How fast they can explain a new game
    • How fast they formulate strategy for winning
    • How ethical they are in their moves
    • How cooperative they are with others
    • How well they fit in an informal fun

If all goes well at the voting, we are happy to extend an offer.


Once we get someone on board, it is time to make them spectacular if they are not there:

  1. We put anybody on the company through 10 finger typing course. No need to waste our, theirs and your time.
  2. Every developer goes through a month of front-end pair programming learning. Even if he is backend, he needs to understand how the front-end team works.
  3. Every developer goes also through a month of back-end pair programming learning. Even if he is front-end, he needs to understand and learn how back-end team works.
  4. They are then given a small project to finish entirely on the specialty they are hired for - back-end or front-end.
  5. They can then join the team on large projects and help build the world.


After so much effort we want to make sure everybody on the team is the happiest they can be.

  • Make sure they are happy learning new things every day. Whether this is technologies, the insides of the business, stories from management.
  • Our office is the best you can find in the country - relax areas, great vibe, all kinds of pancakes on Fridays, home made brownies, tennis/hockey tables, Playstations, arcade games and what not
  • The salaries rise constantly we have bunch of perks and team buildings
  • Most importantly - we are all friends and our relationships are based on respect and attitude. We love spending time together.